2.05 Trinity

“Religion” means that you serve a god. To properly do so, you do need to know all kinds of things about this god. In this program, we want to inform you about who God the Father is, and what He does. This is called “theology”. Should you have an incorrect idea of God the Father, then this immediately affects your service to Him, and this also brings forth incorrect fruits. This is why it is of great importance for us to discuss all the important parts from the Bible about God the Father, so that you get to know God the Father so much better, that you will and may say: “Abba, Father”. We earthly creatures are predestined to have a relationship with a great God. There are many names for God the Father, and also many descriptions of what He does. We will begin each question with one of them, so 24 in total. For this program you will also need several pens and sheets of paper.