The House Feast Network is an international group of families that want to reach their world through the house feasts. The network is composed of these families, and is overseen by elders.

Contacting the House Feast Network is very easy by emailing to or by filling out the contact form below. We will make sure your message will always arrive with the right team:

  • Team “Elders” oversees the house feasts.
  • Team “Deaconry” focuses on caring for widows and orphans.
  • Team “Organization” organizes the feasts and coordinates the everyday business.
  • Team “Editors” manages the TXT Fondues and the website.

Families that celebrate the house feasts, reach their own world. You may not be a part of this, but because you would also like to see what a house feast is like, we would like to invite you personally to our dinner table. Email us and we will invite you, because you are very welcome!

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