How can I start my own house feast in my house? What are the main themes the House Feast Network is based on? The answers to questions such as these are presented here in the form of several questions and answers. Every question contains a complete Bible study in itself.

We present you with a brief overview of what the House Feast Network stands for and how it discerns itself from all kinds of large and small gatherings. Whenever possible, we refer to other pages on our website, that discuss the topics more thoroughly. You can also read more about this in the handbook “House feasts” (in Dutch).

1. The House Feast Network is composed of participants who call themselves “Bible-true believers”. What do you think this means?
(answer) They remain true to the original contents of the Bible, and they apply these Bible verses very precisely to their own lives.

2. What is God's name and where can you find Him?
(answer) YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of Yeshua the Messiah, who lives in heaven.

3. As a good God and Father, YHWH created order in our spiritual growth. He has linked seven fundaments to seven feasts, to teach us how we can grow spiritually and eventually bear fruit. The apostle Peter calls on the people in Acts 2:38 to convert themselves, be baptized in water, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. These are the first three fundaments. What is someone called if he or she has completed all three fundaments?
(answer) A child of YHWH God the Father. These fundaments are associated with the feasts of Passover, the Feast of the Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of Weeks.

4. What happens after you have become a child of JHWH God the Father?
(answer) From the Bible and supported by other believers, you now learn to testify and be charitable. You could say you are included in the Yeshua-fanfare to blow along as trumpetist, and by doing so direct the attention to the Good News of redemption for everyone. This is called the Feast of Trumpets, which is celebrated annually (usually in September). This is the fourth fundament.

5. When you regularly attend a house feast, you are a full participant to the House Feast Network. You are a disciple (son or daughter). So the phase of discipleship comes after you have become a child of YHWH God the Father. Being a disciple means that you start doing exactly what Yeshua the Messiah tells you to do in the Bible. Where do these disciples gather?
(answer) With the families in the houses.

6. These celebrations around the (kitchen) table are part of the lives of the believers who are true to the Bible, because they do exactly what the Bible says. Orthodox Jews celebrate the Sabbath; the Christians hold a church service on Sunday mornings, and the participants to the House Feast Network gather in the houses of the believers. In what way does the House Feast Network differ from the orthodox Jews on the one hand, and from the Christians on the other hand?
a. Orthodox Jews believe in the Old Textament.
b. Christians believe in the Old Testament in a different way, but they predominantly believe in the New Testament, with many additional liturgies.
c. Just like the Messianic Jews, the participants to the House Feast Network believe in both the Old and New Testaments, without liturgies.

7. What comes after you have started becoming active by testifying and being charitable out of the houses? In other words, what is the fifth fundament?
(answer) Yeshua the Messiah wants to sanctify you; make you holy. The word “holy” means “different” or “set apart”. We celebrate this on the Day of Atonement.

8. When you live true to the Bible, you build on the sixth fundament that speaks of your future planning. How do believers who are true to the Bible look at the future?
(answer) Every year, the sixth fundament is celebrated and discussed during the Feast of Tabernacles. The good things are accepted with gratitude, and your intentions for the coming year are finetuned. During this week of celebration, you make your year plans together with Yeshua the Messiah. You consider your goals and you seek the will of Yeshua the Messiah over your life. It is a joyous feast!

9. What does a believer who is true to the Bible live for?
(answer) You have become a believer. You also carry this out with joy, and you live a holy life. Now you are reaching the core of your life here on Earth. You live to bear (spiritual) fruit. The Bible calls that an ambassador who represents the Kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah, who motivates as many people as possible for this Kingdom. Bringing this Good News to people is called “reaching”. That is your purpose, and is also called: bearing fruit.

10. How many people does every Bible-true believer have to reach in his or her life?
(answer) Yeshua the Messiah commissioned us in Acts 1:8 to reach the whole world, so your Jerusalem (city or family), Judea (country or friends), Samaria (enemy) and the ends of your world.

11. How do you do that?
(answer) Now we have come to the seventh fundament: reaching your world from your home. We often read in the Bible how people opened their homes for the people in their network, and reached them with the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah around dinner (Sabbath). We do the same in the house feasts. These are not Bible study nights or talk groups. The goal is: to reach people with the gospel, by explaining it to them, and to show it by letting them experience it in your home.

12. Am I allowed to do that myself from home?
(answer) The Bible calls us a royal priesthood, and the New Testament demonstrates how the believers for example baptized people and celebrated the Lord's Supper at home.

13. How do I know for sure that I am doing the right thing at home with such a house feast?
(answer) You first get the time to see it being done for a while, because you are invited into the homes of others for a house feast. Furthermore, in every house feast is an elder who ensures that everything remains Biblical and there is no sinning. Lastly, you can also make use of the free TXT Fondue: programs that provide you with the apostles' teaching as Acts 2:43 prescribes.

14. Why do we always sit in a circle or around a table?
(answer) The Bible teaches us that everyone is equal and that everyone may ask questions. We ask each other questions and together we seek the Biblical truth.

15. How often does a house feast gather?
(answer) Once every week. In times of great revival, the people gathered in the houses on a daily basis, and also gathered regularly on the squares to celebrate the great feasts. For now we start with one evening a week. The Friday and Saturday around dinner time has our preference, because then we gather simultaneously with our Messianic brothers and sisters, which strongly binds us together.

16. What relationship do the believers who are true to the Bible have with the people of Israel?
(answer) In the Book of Revelations, we read that the believers who are true to the Bible (Elia) together with the Messianic Jews (Moses) serve Yeshua, their Messiah, as one in spirit, just like John 4:22 indicates that salvation comes from the Jews, and that according to Acts 15, we serve the Jewish Yeshua as the King, together with the believers from all nations.

17. How do the believers who are true to the Bible see the end of times?
(answer) You can read a lot about this future in the Book of Revelations. It among others says how the state of Israel along with the believers who are true to the Bible commit themselves to evangelizing the world until the end of time. Everyone has the right to have the gospel explained to them at least once. When everyone has been able to hear and experience the gospel, then Yeshua the Messiah will come back. That will be beyond our imagination! He comes to get His children.

18. What can I do to become part of it?
(answer) Join the House Feast Network.

You can now start yourself.

  1. It is important for an elder to be appointed. Search for someone in your network who meets the criteria of the Titus-check, or contact us.
  2. Acts 2:42 speaks of the apostles' teaching. We make this available to you for free as TXT Fondues that you can download from this site.
  3. Get in touch with other house feasts via the House Feast Network on Facebook