2.08 Tabernacle

People find it difficult to imagine what God the Father is like. They would like to express their gratitude towards Him. He is the Creator of the first fruit and of the harvest. He is the Leader of the people, with whom He travels by being in their midst. He is the Judge over forgiveness of sin, of cleansing, and of justice. God the Father spent fifty chapters in the Bible on the tabernacle, the tent in which He lived among His people, whereas only two chapters were dedicated to the creation of the entire world. The tabernacle showed how the people could be under way with God the Father, under the shekinah of the Holy Spirit. By discussing the tabernacle in this program, we want to introduce God the Father to you.

Preparations: A plan of the tabernacle is included with this program on page 8 and 9. Print this plan, fold the side of one of the two pages and join them together with tape. Print page 10 on a transparent sheet or on normal/heavy paper, and cut out the objects and nameplates. For the six objects from the tabernacle, it looks good to fold the bottom side backwards, so that these objects will stand up straight during the program.